Personal & Family Protection Dogs

Protection dogs with Universal K9

At Universal K9, we specialise in Belgian Malinois, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and Dobermans. Our expertise lies in Personal and Family Protection Dogs, carefully selected for their exceptional qualities.

We primarily raise our dogs from puppies, nurtured in a home environment on the South Coast of the UK. We provide them with a high-quality diet to ensure their optimal health. These dogs are highly social, with sweet and loving personalities, each possessing their own unique and engaging traits. Importantly, all our Protection Dogs have the ability to switch between being protective and friendly, often surprising those who meet them with their sweet nature, until threatened.

Universal K9 Protection Dogs are trained to work seamlessly with individuals, families, and meet the personal security needs of our clients. At Universal K9, our mission is to create the most sophisticated Protection Dogs worldwide, setting the standard for excellence in this field.

All our personal family protection dogs are trained to bark on command when you feel threatened, defend you instinctively if you are attacked, search for intrudes and alert you if someone has invaded your home, and above all else, be a perfect calm family pet.

Level of Protection Training we offer our clients


Level 1 : Family Protection Pet/Dog

Family protection dogs are specially trained canine companions that excel in safeguarding their human families. These remarkable dogs undergo rigorous training to develop skills that go beyond traditional obedience. They are taught to detect and respond to potential threats, making them invaluable for enhancing the security of households. We specialized in assessing and discerning situations, family protection dogs are trained to remain calm yet vigilant, responding to commands that signal a threat or danger.

When considering a family protection dog, it’s essential to look for traits such as loyalty, adaptability to family life, and a balanced temperament. A well-trained family protection dog should seamlessly integrate into the household, forming strong bonds with family members while remaining steadfast in their protective instincts. Look for a reputable training program that emphasizes both obedience and protection training, ensuring your family protection dog is not only a devoted companion but also a reliable guardian for your loved ones.

Our dogs are raised with young children and with other pets so that they can fit in with any family scenario. Our primary rule in training protection dogs is first and foremost to have complete control – this creates the Perfect protection dog – our elite protection dogs are family pets primarily that can deter and if needs be taken on a threat

Level 2: Deterrent Protection Pet/Dog

A deterrent dog serves as a visible and audible deterrent to potential threats, intruders, or undesirable activities. Unlike a fully trained protection dog, a deterrent dog may not have advanced protective training but is effective in deterring individuals with its presence and vocalizations.

Key aspects of what a deterrent dog does include:

  1. Visible Presence: Deterrent dogs often possess imposing physical appearances, with characteristics that naturally evoke a sense of caution. Their mere presence can act as a deterrent to individuals with malicious intent.

  2. Vocalization: Deterrent dogs are trained or naturally inclined to vocalize in response to perceived threats or unusual activities. Barking, growling, or other audible signals serve as a warning to potential intruders, signaling the presence of a protective force.

  3. Alertness: Our dogs are naturally alert and attentive to their surroundings. They quickly detect changes in the environment and respond to potential threats by displaying alert behaviour, which contributes to their deterrent effect.

  4. Territorial Instincts: Deterrent dogs often exhibit strong territorial instincts. They may mark their territory through scent marking or other behaviors, reinforcing the notion that they are guarding a specific area.

  5. Natural Instincts: Some breeds possess inherent protective instincts, making them well-suited for the role of a deterrent dog. Breeds with a history of guarding or protecting property may require minimal training to fulfill this role effectively.

While deterrent dogs may not undergo the same level of specialized training as fully trained protection dogs, they provide an effective first line of defence by discouraging potential threats. Their role is to create a visible and audible deterrent, alerting owners to the presence of strangers or unusual activities and potentially preventing unwanted incidents through their imposing demeanour and vocal warnings.


Level 3 : Full Family Protection Pet/Dog

At UniversalK9 Protection Dogs, our training philosophy is focused around ensuring that your canine companion remains closely connected to you in any situation. We understand that threats can be dynamic and move in various directions. Our dogs are trained to stay by your side regardless of how you move—be it going backwards, sideways, in circles, forwards, or diagonally. This steadfast companionship serves as a formidable deterrent against potential threats, allowing you the confidence to navigate through any environment.

This unique training not only empowers you to move freely but also grants you the assurance that your dog is poised to defend you should a threat escalate. Whether you need to turn around and walk away or navigate challenging terrain, our protection dogs provide a secure buffer, ensuring your safety throughout.

This skill set is particularly beneficial for individuals of varying ages within your family, simplifying their response to threatening situations. Moreover, incorporating specialized commands like “The Stand Down” and “The Transport” expands the repertoire of protective measures at your disposal, offering complete control over a range of potential scenarios that may arise. With UniversalK9, you can trust that your protection dog is not just a loyal companion but also a vigilant defender, providing peace of mind in any situation.



Why Should You Have A Personal Protection Dog?